The key to a successful cooperation


Transparency, is a key-point of our company philosophy. With INUIKII we represent a high level brand which brings high standards and responsibility. To be able to sell INUIKII with no doubts, it is really important to ensure that our company covers all requirements, like a manufacturer with good working conditions for its employees, working know-how, an eye for details and high quality equipment.

Our production company was founded in 1998. The company presents fast and high quality solutions to the demands of shoe production and specializes in leathers , such as, cow skin, lambskin and sheepskin treatments. The company is certified in different areas such as sheepskin by «WOOLMARK». It is a company which follows the same philosophy as we do. For this reason it's a perfect collaboration, which is borne out in our collections.

INUIKII is made with love. All our boots are made by hand and not by industrial machinery which creates the famous individuality between each boot and makes each one unique.